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MORE Music From The Moon

Jackson Highway

Music From The Moon Concert Series

Current schedule of Studio A events:

Forever Abbey Road - Feb 20th 2016 at 7PM.
Tickets are 20.00 in advance or 25.00 at door.

Jimmy Hall with Idelwild -March 25th 2016 at 7PM.
Tickets are 25.00 in advance or 30.00 at door.

Skinny Molly - April 8th 2016 at 7PM.
Tickets are 20.00 in advance or 25.00 at door.

The Adam Ezra Group - April 29th 2016 at 7PM.
Tickets are 20.00 in advance or 25.00 at door.

Jackson Highway - June 10th 2016 at 7PM.
Tickets are 20.00 in advance or 25.00 at door.

Blue Mother Tupelo - May 17th 2016 at 7PM.
Tickets are 20.00 in advance or 25.00 at door.

Microwave Dave - May 31st 2016 at 7PM.
Tickets are 20.00 in advance or 25.00 at door.

More shows to be announced.

Contact 256-764-1434 or 256-335-6961 or email tickets.

Music From The Moon Concert Series

Denny Laine from Paul McCartney and Wings and original member of Moody Blues. The Music From the Moon Concert series continues inside the Legendary Studio A of Cypress Moon Studios which was the second location of Muscle Shoals Sound for 27 years. Tickets are 20.00 in advance or 25.00 at door.
Contact 256-764-1434 or 256-335-6961 or email tickets.


Hits & Haunts Trolly Tour

Monday October 26 2015, come for the Cypress Moon Studio Tour, and a Haunting Muscle Shoals Sound photo-op!



December 28, 2012, Sheffield, AL – Filmmaker Tonya S. Holly of Cypress Moon Productions ( is proud to announce that her award winning feature film “When I Find the Ocean” will arrive in Wal-Mart stores nationwide on January, 8th, 2013. The film is distributed domestically by Monterey Media.

“When I Find the Ocean” is the journey of a lifetime for young Lily Strickland that begins not out of her love for adventure but out of heartache. Longing for the father she lost to the ocean and having no way to say goodbye, Lily strikes out on her own. Leaving behind a safe, loving environment with her grandparents and loving mother she faces not only her fears but the obstacles the wilderness presents. The film stars Golden Globe Nominee Lee Majors, Academy Award Nominee Diane Ladd, Academy Award Nominee Graham Greene, Bernie Casey, Amy Redford, Richard Tyson, Natalie Canerday, David Fralick, and George Lindsay and introduces Lily Matland Holly.

Since its initial release in 2008, “When I Find the Ocean” has won many awards. The film was awarded 5 Doves, the highest award given by the Dove Foundation. The film was also the winner of the Best Feature Film Ages 13-18 by the Kids First Foundation, The Bronze Remi at WorldFest-Houston, Second Place Winner at both Women International Film Festival and the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. The film was an Official Selection of The Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers, Carmike Theatres Independent Film Series, Del Ray Beach Film Festival, Indy Memphis Soul of Southern Film Festival, and Tupelo Independent Film Series, “When I Find the Ocean” premiered at the UNA George Lindsay Film Festival.

"I am thrilled that “When I Find the Ocean” will be available nationwide,” says writer/producer/director Tonya S. Holly. “The film was a true ‘work of heart’. Many of the people and places in the story are part of my childhood. We shot the film in Tennessee and Alabama and showcased the beauty of nature and talent available to us”. Thomas M. Rogers, III, Executive Producer with Holly, says “This is a very exciting time for us.”

Many local actors were featured in the production of “When I Find the Ocean”, such as Pace Stoddard, Terry Pace, Sara Biddle, Steve Viall, Dan Beene, Joan Ghrigsby, Anthony Brooks, Tracy Statom, Dorian Rogers, Ronnie Mac Sherrer, Tim Eddy, Edie Hand, Linc Hand, Abby Holly, Marianne Bryant and hundreds of others as background actors.

The soundtrack was produced by Tonya S. Holly and husband Kelvin Holly and features songs by Russell Smith, Tonya S. Holly, Donnie Fritts, Steve Bassett, Paula Frazer, Donna Jean Godchaux-McKay, Marty Raybon, The Fiddleworms, Cindy Walker, Bobby Hood, Jimmy Hall and Carla Russell, Gary Nichols, Jason Isbell and Shauna Tucker, Stan Dailey, Keb-Mo and Heart. The majority of the songs were recorded at Cypress Moon Studios in the former Muscle Shoals Sound Studio building, where such music legends as Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Greg Allman, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Paul Simon have recorded, among many others.


For further information or to schedule a time to speak with Tonya S. Holly please contact:
Anita Pace at (256) 381-5745 or


Cypress Moon Studios Begins First Phase Of The Walk of Fame

Sheffield, AL --- Cypress Moon Studios, the prominent film/TV and music recording studio which is owned and operated by filmmaker Tonya S. Holly, has begun Phase I of The Walk of Fame which will be called the Moonwalk.

The Moonwalk will be a Walk of Fame to honor artists, producers, musicians, publishing companies, as well as actors, writers and directors that have worked in the studio. Over the years artists who have recorded studio have included Bob Dylan, Bob Segar, Julian Lennon, Lynard Skynard, Isaac Hayes, Millie Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, Percy Sledge, Etta James, Jimmy Buffett, Clarence Carter, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many, many others. Actors that have graced the halls in the past several years include Lee Majors, Diane Ladd, Bernie Casey, George Lindsey, Amy Redford, Richard Tyson, David Fralick and Graham Greene.

Holly purchased the property from Malaco Records in 2005. The studio had operated as Muscle Shoals Sound Recording Studios from 1978 to March 2005, when it became Cypress Moon Studios.

Phase I will include “The Landing” which will extend the current retaining wall an additional two feet. The stones will be a multitude of natural colors and will include names of individuals and businesses that are contributing. This Phase will also include a new overhang and stone columns.

Phase II will be “The Moonwalk” which is a specially designed moon featuring the name of the honoree inside a 3’ X 3’ stone. The Walk of Fame will begin on the terrace and will extend around the sides of the studio. A mural on the West side of the building will also be included in this phase.

Phase III will include a 300 seat venue concert hall and two soundstages. The “Blues Monday” concert series, which is planned to begin next summer, will begin as a smaller event and will then move into the concert hall upon its completion. “ “Blues Monday” will focus on rhythm and blues but will also include country, contemporary and plenty of rock ‘n roll”, Holly stated.

“This is very exciting for us”, says Holly. “We have been talking about this for a couple of years and now my vision is finally coming to fruition. Our first goal was to be listed on the Alabama State Historical Register. It took a bit of time, but that has now been accomplished. So we are now ready to move forward.” Cypress Moon Studios received it official listing as a historical landmark in December, 2011.

Cypress Moon Studios is currently in preproduction on THE STORY OF BONNIE AND CLYDE, starring Lindsay Pulsipher (HATFIELDS AND MCCOYS) and Sean Faris (NEVER BACK DOWN). Shooting will take place in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Missouri. The soundtrack will be recorded at Cypress Moon Studios with a wide array of artists, including many from the Muscle Shoals area. Cypress Moon previously produced the award winning film WHEN I FIND THE OCEAN, starring Lily Matland Holly, Lee Majors, Diane Ladd, Bernie Casey, Graham Greene, Amy Redford and the late George Lindsay.

For more information, please contact: Cypress Moon Studios (256) 381-5745.



Cypress Moon Studios holds songwriting workshop series named Songwriting At The Moon on the last Monday of each month now through October from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. The workshops are held at Cypress Moon Studio in the famed Studio A. The cost for each workshop is $20.00. Reservations are suggested as space is limited.

Professional and amateur songwriters are invited to participate. The workshops will provide instruction on the art of songwriting. Attendees will also be given a chance to write a song and have the guest songwriter listen to and critique the song.

“I am very excited about this series of workshops. Songwriting At The Moon has turned out to be a great experience.” Our past workshops featured Earl “Peanut” Montgomery (Sally Sue Brown) and Charlene Montgomery (Loving You Could Never Be Better) and Jenny Strickland (The Ceremony), Donnie Fritts (We Had It All), Billy Lawson (I Left Something Turned On At Home), Mark Narmore (That’s What I Love About Sunday) and Don Von Tress (Achy Breaky Heart). We have seen some great songwriters perform their hits and we are seeing some amazing new talent each month”, says Holly.



Blues Monday Concert Series beginning October 2012
Check back for updates


The Story of Bonnie and Clyde
In development

Cast to date:

Lindsay Pulsipher as Bonnie Parker
Sean Faris as Clyde Barrow
Thora Birch as Blanche Barrow
Shawn Ashmore as Ralph Fults
Michael Madsen as Frank Hamer
Cloris Leachman as Cummie Barrow
Taryn Manning as Mary O'Dare
Matt Dallas as Henry Methvin
Dee Wallace as Emma Parker
Kate Maberly as Billy Parker
Lee Majors as Lee Simmons
Peter Coyote as Smoot Schmid
Richard Tyson as Bob Alcorn
Jack McGee as Mr. Methvin
Rance Howard as Henry Barrow
Dale Dickey as Mrs. Pritchard
Brendan Fletcher as W.D. Jones
Muse Watson as Mr. Pritchard
Tess Harper as Govenor Ma Ferguson
Cody Kasch as Joe Palmer
David 'Shark' Fralick as Big Ed Crowder
Natalie Canerday as Mrs. Methvin
Lily Matland Holly as Marie Barrow
Dan Beene as Mr. Bucher
Linc Hand as Raymond Hamilton
Donnie Fritts as 'Manny' Gault
Emily Fitzpatrick as Cousin Mary
Billy Don Anderson —Bailiff #1
Pace Stoddard —Bill Turner
Richie Montgomery —Deputy Joe Johns
Bob Penny —Doctor
Kyle Weir —Farm Manager
Bill Foster —Farmer
John Ratzenberger —Judge Aubrey Morris
Tom Humbarger —L.C. Barrow
Brianna --Young Bonnie
Terry Pace —Male Customer
Dan Beene —Mr. Bucher
Forrest Pace —Dallas News Boy
Tracy Statom —Postman
Tom Arnold —Radio Announcer
Rocco Nugent —Ross Dyer
Sara Biddle —Sales Clerk
Rhonda Statom —Waitress
Joan Ghrigsby —Woman
Jeremy Sumpter —Cousin
Amy Montgomery, Anna Eastep Gibson, Karen Gruber —Singers in Bar

Shooting in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

Bonnie Parker wanted something different…something exciting. Clyde Barrow wanted to be remembered. When their worlds collided, the rest became history.

In a small Texas town in the 1930’s Depression, Bonnie Parker had dreams of becoming an actress or perhaps a poet. She knew more than anything that she wanted out – out of poverty, away from Texas, and she wanted a love story that would never end.

Clyde Barrow grew up poor. He loved guns, cars, and getting noticed. It was his love for the finer things that would cost him his freedom. It is his loss of freedom that changes the boy to a man, and a man into a killer.

The Story of Bonnie and Clyde begins with a love that cannot be broken, but Clyde’s love of money and excitement and his fear of returning to the Texas prison system leads them both into a world of violence.

The story unravels, revealing a love story that has surpassed the decades. Every moment leads the couple into a web of no return, which will leave the audience breathless.

This is a new account of the lives of the infamous Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. This telling will uncover times in their lives that have never been seen on the big screen before.

What began as a beautiful love story, ends as one of the most remembered ambushes in history. This film will take you into the life and times of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. This is The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

In the News:

Sean Faris the male half of 'Bonnie and Clyde'

The Story Of Bonnie And Clyde Casts Sean Faris As The Lead

'Vampire Diaries' Actor Sean Faris Nabs Lead In 'Story Of Bonnie And Clyde '

'True Blood' Star to Replace Hilary Duff in 'Bonnie and Clyde '

Hilary Duff Replaced By Lindsay Pulsipher in Bonnie and Clyde

True Blood Starlet Lindsay Pulsipher Added To The Story Of Bonnie And Clyde

Memphis Commercial Appeal


The Hollywood Reporter






Get your copy here...

"When I Find the Ocean" screened at the Indie Memphis Soul of Southern Film Festival

"When I Find The Ocean" has won the following awards:

  • First Place at the Kids First! Best Awards in the Independent Feature Film, Ages 12-18 Category!
  • Honorable Mention (Second Place) at The Reel Women International Film Festival
  • Second Place at The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival
  • Bronze Remi at WorldFest-Houston Film Festival
  • Premiere Selection at the George Lindsay UNA Film Festival
  • Official Selection at the DelRay Beach Film Festival
  • Official Selection at the Indie Memphis Soul of Southern Film Festival
  • Official Selection at the Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers
  • Official Selection for the Carmike Independent Film Series
  • Official Selection at the Tupelo Independent Film Series
  • Dove Seal of Approval, 5 out of 5 Doves (
  • Kids First! Endorsement (

The Domestic Distributor for "When I Find The Ocean" is Monterey Media.

Welcome to Cypress Moon Productions, Inc.

"When I Find the Ocean" starring Lily Matland Holly, Diane Ladd, Lee Majors, Graham Greene, Richard Tyson, Bernie Casey, Amy Redford, George Lindsey, and David Fralick, is now available on DVD.

“The Mirror”, winner of Best Homegrown Short at the Sidewalk Film Festival and Overall Winner at the Chicks With Flicks Film Festival in New York City, NY.

To purchase your copy of “The Mirror” and other great products, please visit our store.


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