From the Franklin County Times:

02-04-04 Viewpoint - Proposed movie a potential economic boon for county

In running a good business, you have to take stock of your assets and figure out how best to utilize them.

In running a good county, it is wise to do the same.

What do we have in Franklin County?

Well, among other things, we have beautiful natural resources, scenic nature in abundance, hard-working, hospitable people, and local leaders willing to court initiatives that could lead to economic growth.

What does that add up to? Well, for Tonya S. Holly, president of Cypress Moon Productions in Florence, that adds up to “a good place to film a movie.”

Holly is working at present on securing funding in order to shoot a feature film she wrote, called “When I Find the Ocean,” right here among us regular folks in Franklin County.

The 17-year veteran of the movie business said she is confident she will be able to find the money and is confident the movie will be a success.

Holly said she has a commitment from actor Louis Gossett Jr. to star in the movie and is hopeful that Kris Kristofferson and Billy Bob Thornton will join the cast. Naomi Judd, Graham Greene and Richard Tyson will also have roles.

Along with hopefully casting local residents as extras in the movie, Holly said she would love to get some local investors.

She said it would “help her cause” if some Alabama investors would open up their wallets to help fund the movie.

The view from here is this movie would help the cause of promoting Franklin County tremendously. We have a lot to offer as a county, and we urge potential investors to take a long look at helping this project move forward.

Likewise, local leaders should be sure they are doing all they can to help Holly’s efforts.

The benefits from such a movie filmed locally could be abundant. Here’s hoping the project is a huge success.

Turn on the lights, Ms. Holly.

Franklin County is ready for its close-up.